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My testimony is that All Ashlee spells works amazing and fast 💨 she is the best to do spells I had the money spell it took 3 day I got my money then the cord cut spell work amazing the girl went away, the 3 hex’s I had she remove and I felt much better and if you give her a chance you will not regret it and if do a spell or a reading with her , you see how amazing she is with readings and spells. - Alexandra Gonzalez

Honestly it’s been worth the cost very pleased with the spells. The over all way they functioned an the timely response an communication very on point very happy with it all. Came with a big issue about an old friend and they also practice. Had I falling out and felt off, so reached out and Ashlee helped. Within about two weeks felt better spiritually. She helped with a protection spell that took care of it. Definitely recommend! - Faith Hill

ive been keeping ashlee around for almost a year, i told her i wanted to get preggers and have a babygirl 2 weeks later i got pregnant and ended up finding out i was having a girl due to ashlee amaaazing spell work. but i will never forget my all time favorite “Obsession Spell” TO THIS DAY HE IS OBSESSED with me😂! This girl work is COMPLETELY amazing!! - Reanna Davis

Ashlee is so awesome! I had her do a protection spell for my son for his heart surgery and he was so calm before the surgery, and after the surgery and everything went great! I know her spell is what kept him safe and made everything go so well. I have also had her do a couple other spells and they also have worked. Definitely would recommend her for any services needed!!! Becky Dotson

To anyone wondering the legitimacy I can personally say she’s 100% the real deal! I asked her if I’m pregnant and she told me yes and to take a test. I took one the next morning and I’m pregnant!!! She’s absolutely amazing!!❤️❤️ - Jenna Daughton